Wash your face with manuka honey for balanced and clear skin

Manuka honey is a super-natural way to clean, soothe and clear up your skin.


It really works.

Manuka honey makes your skin beautiful.

I’ve read about washing your face with manuka honey for months and, to be frank, I’ve never gathered enough faith to try it. When I think honey, I think sugary goop.

However, I was doused in a bit of bad luck a few weeks ago with an allergic reaction that caused a sprinkle of blemishes across my forehead. Naturally, I panicked.  The products I’ve had on standby for such emergencies continued to dry out my skin and uphold the tyrannical blemish regime.

So, I tried it. And it was a shocker.

First of all, manuka honey feels like a luxurious cream wash when mixed with water. Unless you scrub your face like you handwash your clothes (vigorously), you don’t need to worry about a sticky mess. Just be gentle and cautious especially around your hairline.

I hear people use lots of different kinds of honey but I stuck with the one I saw most recommended — 100% raw organic manuka honey. Manuka honey comes from bees that feed on the manuka flower and the honey itself is antibacterial. That’s how it helps prevent and clear blemishes.

Honey also helps sooth and moisturize the skin. This part I was most skeptical about because I thought it would leave a film of stickiness rather than leave my skin bare and supple. But fear not — the honey washes off easily and leaves your face superfresh and superbalanced.

One cautionary note: I only use the honey in the mornings when I’m already bare-faced and cleansed from the night before. I still use my regular cleanser at night to make sure my face is thoroughly decontaminated from all the daytime dirt and makeup. However, I have read about people who’ve successfully  used honey at night along with other ingredients, like olive oil, to make sure everything is wiped off.

I’ve been consistently using the honey since I’ve started. After the blemishes disappeared I decided to use it a few times a week rather than daily, as the summer heat has propelled me to switch up my skincare collection. My skin continues to be blemish-free and moisturized!

Have you tried manuka honey?



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